Debtor Profiles: Who is at Risk and Why?

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Bankruptcy affects Canadians from all walks of life –all ages, all income brackets, married or single, working, retired or unemployed. Are you one of the many types of debtors in Canada?

Take a look at the different types of debtors in Canada in the following presentation:

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2 thoughts on “Debtor Profiles: Who is at Risk and Why?

  1. J. Douglas Hoyes, CA, Trustee

    It depends on what you mean by “recognized”. Legally you are bankrupt, so if you are in another country and you are asked “have you ever filed bankruptcy” the answer is “yes”. If you were previously bankrupt in another country and want to file another bankruptcy in Ontario, you would be required to disclose your previous bankruptcy.
    However, credit reports generally only contain information from your country, so if you file bankruptcy in Ontario it is unlikely that it would appear on your American credit report, because the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy in Canada only reports to the Canadian credit bureaus, not foreign ones.


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