How Is Creditworthiness Determined

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creditworthiness-determinedMany fear filing bankruptcy because they are concerned that they will not be able to borrow money after bankruptcy. The truth is if you have more debt than you can repay, bankruptcy or a consumer proposal is the first step in beginning the credit repair process.

Rebuilding your credit is easier if you understand how the credit process works. Our infographic outlines 6 factors creditors look for and provides tips on getting a loan after bankruptcy.

credit score and bankruptcy

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One thought on “How Is Creditworthiness Determined

  1. Eric Putnam

    Great tips in this post!. As a former mortgage lender and banker, you should also check out this interview of me by Doug Hoyes for his radio show- “Credit Reports, Scores and Rebuilding For The Future”

    If you have completed a proposal or been discharged from bankruptcy, live in Ontario and have a goal to eventually qualify for an affordable mortgage to buy a home, be sure to check out the unique Credit Builder Plus (Tm) program at Designed by our team of former lenders in partnership with a regulated financial institution, this exclusive program has assisted hundreds across Ontario to improve their credit profile and achieve their financial goals sooner.


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