How To Deal With Divorce And Bankruptcy

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Posted by J. Douglas Hoyes, CA, CPA, LIT, CIRP, CBV

It’s often hard to know what came first: financial problems or the breakdown of the relationship. Generally, the two go hand in hand. To help me delve deeper into divorce and bankruptcy, my partner of Hoyes, Michalos, & Associates Inc., Ted Michalos joins me on today’s episode of Debt Free in 30.

Adjusting To A Divorce Budget in London Ontario

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Posted by Joel Sandwith, BA - LIT

Like many people Kevin (not his real name) never budgeted. Now divorced he found himself in over his head financially. Kevin and his now ex-spouse divorced 4 years ago. They share custody of three kids. Kevin has a decent income of about $3000 net per month, but pays support of about $800. He drives an […]

Grey Divorce Darkens Senior Years

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Posted by Billy Martell, BA - LIT

It’s one thing to suffer the indignities of old age; it’s another to have to do so inside the cloud of a late-in-life return to being single. So-called “grey divorce” is a somewhat unflattering term that refers to the demographic trend of an increasing divorce rate for older couples whose marriages have spanned a significant […]

When Your Ex-Spouse Fails To Pay Credit Card Debt

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Posted by Rebecca Martyn, CPA, CGA, CIRP - LIT

Divorce can create some complicated financial problems. It is easy to understand why. Where two people were ‘sharing’ living expense before, they are now living individually and may not be sure who is responsible for what. Add in the complication that many times, when you separate, joint debt is involved. Both spouses may use one […]