Understanding Who Goes Bankrupt in Canada

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Who files bankruptcy in Canada? You might be surprised to find out just how average the average insolvent person is. Every two years we conduct a study we call Joe Debtor which helps us answer this question. The average bankrupt in Canada: is 44 years old; is more likely to be male, however women make up 46% […]

Can't Pay Your Mortgage? Options To Keep Your House

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We know that your home is probably your biggest asset and while you may be struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments you may want to keep your home no matter what. If you are worried about losing your home because of high mortgage payments and other debts, our slideshare will explain your options and […]

Payday Loan Help. What Are Your Options?

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It is estimated that somewhere between seven and ten percent of Canadians use payday loans on a fairly regular basis to help make ends meet. It’s an understandable dilemma. The rent is due and you don’t have the cash. You need to pick up groceries or pay for a car repair but you don’t have […]

Debt Management Solutions For Seniors

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An estimated 37,000 seniors and baby boomers will file bankruptcy or a consumer proposal in Canada this year. The numbers for Ontario are just as staggering with over 12,000 older Ontarians needing to declare insolvency in order to deal with the burden of overwhelming debt they cannot pay on a fixed, and often reduced, income. With […]

Guide to Consumer Proposals: The Bankruptcy Alternative

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Consumer Proposals have become the go to alternative to bankruptcy for many Canadians looking for a way to get out of debt. Over half of all insolvencies in Ontario are now consumer proposals. Providing many of the same benefits as filing bankruptcy, including creditor protection and elimination of overwhelming debts, by choosing a consumer proposal, people […]

A Guide to Student Loan Debt Relief Options

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Since it takes the average student 10 years to repay their student loan debts in full, and many graduates are finding it difficult to obtain long term, sustainable positions in their chosen career path, it is not surprising that many find that after years of struggling they are no longer able to keep up with […]

A Guide To Dealing With Tax Debts and CRA

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Tax debts are often the most overwhelming debts because you may not know how to deal with Canada Revenue Agency when they occur. Our guide to dealing with Canada Revenue Agency and tax debt settlement will help you understand: what types of tax debts can be included if you file bankruptcy or a consumer proposal; […]

A Guide To Determining How Much Debt You Really Have

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The first step in taking control of your financial situation is understanding just how much debt you owe. Performing that initial debt assessment may be a scary thought however it provides a necessary, measurable starting point for determine how you can get out of debt. If you are going to pay your debts off on […]

How Filing Insolvency Affects Your Spouse

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Deciding to declare bankruptcy or file a consumer proposal is a stressful choice. Understanding how any insolvency proceeding will affect your spouse can alleviate a lot of your fears and concerns. Our slideshare presentation will help you understand 'family' debts and how they are impacted by your bankruptcy or proposal. We will explain that your […]

Hoyes, Michalos First Year On Slideshare!

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Posted by J. Douglas Hoyes, CA, CPA, LIT, CIRP, CBV

Starting in October of 2013, Hoyes, Michalos began sharing information about bankruptcy using a terrific new approach called Slideshare. Within 3 months we had 10 new presentations to help you understand bankruptcy.  Our most viewed content so far, as picked by our readers: Understanding Your Credit Rating The Bankruptcy Process What Triggers Insolvency Since starting […]