Are You Prepared to Play the Game of Debt?

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Transcript: Debt. Most people don’t realize how big debt can become even when they think they’re being responsible. Debt usually starts small, with a few reasonable expenses put on credit – but it can grow quickly from there. If you’re a recent high school graduate, you probably just got a credit card. If you’re heading […]

Will I Lose My House in Bankruptcy: FAQ Video

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One of the most commonly asked questions we receive, our video explains that you don't automatically lose your home when you file bankruptcy. Since the situation can become complicated, more information is available in our full article about how bankruptcy affects your home and your car. TRANSCRIPT One of the most common concerns people have […]

Bankruptcy Duties: FAQ Video

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We outline the main duties you must perform if you declare bankruptcy in order to obtain your discharge. More information about bankruptcy law and your duties can be found in our article: Duties in Bankruptcy Law TRANSCRIPT When you file bankruptcy you receive the benefit of protection from your creditors and your debts will be […]

Will I Lose My Car in Bankruptcy: FAQ Video

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In most cases you do keep your car when you file personal bankruptcy. In this video, we explain exemption limits and alternatives. For more information read our full article here. TRANSCRIPT Many people who file for bankruptcy in Ontario own or lease a car and they need their car for work or for personal reasons. The […]

Bankruptcy and Your Spouse: FAQ Video

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In this video we explain how bankruptcy will affect your spouse if your spouse does not declare bankruptcy themselves. For more information, read our full article. TRANSCRIPT When one spouse is in financial trouble, it can be scary. You want to know -- will your bankruptcy affect your spouse? Will creditors try to collect money […]

Cost of Bankruptcy: FAQ Video

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Our short video on the 3 main factors that affect what it costs to file for bankruptcy. For more information, read our full article How Much Bankruptcy Costs TRANSCRIPT There is a financial cost to bankruptcy, and it’s different for every person who goes bankrupt. That’s because the government has decided that the more you earn […]

What Does A Consumer Proposal Cost: FAQ Video

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This video explains how the cost of your consumer proposal is included as part of your monthly payment. No hidden fees. No up-front fees. Determining your monthly payments is based on several factors, which you can read about in our full article here. TRANSCRIPT A consumer proposal allows you to settle your debts for less […]

Are You Drowning in Debt: Video

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When you are struggling with debt it's good to know if you are just going for a swim, treading water or drowning in debt. This video talks about the symptoms and solutions no matter how serious your financial situation. For more information, see our extended blog post or contact a trustee today for advice. // […]

Should I Declare Bankruptcy: Video

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This video summarizes the considerations and facts you should know if your are thinking about declaring bankruptcy in Canada. We discuss who can qualify for bankruptcy, the benefits of filing bankruptcy as well as other factors you should consider. Because bankruptcy should always be a last resort, we also talk about the alternatives to bankruptcy. […]

Causes and Warning Signs of Bankruptcy: Video

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Our most recent video helps explain why so many Canadians turn to bankruptcy or a consumer proposal as a way of dealing with overwhelming debt and describes the early warning signs of financial problems. TRANSCRIPT: The causes & warning signs of bankruptcy. If you are considering bankruptcy, you are not alone. Every year, more than […]