Are You An Easy Sales Target? | Debt Free Digest June 2019

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How often does a salesperson persuade you to buy something? Do discounts at stores encourage you to shop more? Advertisements and salespeople will always try to manipulate us into taking action. In this month’s digest, we’ll help you spot a sales trap from miles away by pointing out the tactics sellers use to influence your decision making.

Good Reads From Around the Web


Stores often give the appearance of holding a sale on items, but they’re really just using clever tricks to dupe you into spending more. Andrea Woroch for Living Well Spending Less examines eight retail traps and shares advice on how to avoid falling for them while you shop.

Don’t Fall For These Retail Sales Tricks


If you’re considering buying a car, make sure you’re not pressured into spending more than you can realistically afford. Author Philip Reed used to be a car salesman and he shares five ways dealers twist their questions to manipulate you. 

Buy A Car On Your Own Terms


Perhaps the biggest purchase you’ll ever make in life is your home. But like a car, you should buy only what you can afford. Author Romana King cautions home buyers (and sellers) of the psychological tricks some agents will use to push home sales.

How To Deal With Realtors Wisely

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