Best of Show: Seniors and Debt – Bag Lady Fears

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Posted by J. Douglas Hoyes, CA, CPA, LIT, CIRP, CBV

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Aging and Debt – Bag Lady Fears with Dr. Lee Anne Davies

One of the hottest topics this year is the increase in debt owed by seniors.  This is the podcast that started the discussion.  In September, 2014 Dr. Lee Anne Davies, co-author of When Life Bites You in the Wallet, joined me to discuss the financial challenges faced by seniors.

A few months after this show was first broadcast we released our updated Joe Debtor study, and it was the Senior Debtor that generated the most media attention.  We discovered that senior debtors have the most total debt, and they also owe the most debt to credit cards, taxes, and even payday loans, a subject I address in an updated introduction and summary to this podcast.

Here are some examples of recent media appearances where we have discussed the plight of the senior debtor:

Resources Mentioned in the Show

A full transcript to this podcast is available here.