Can You Spot a Scammer? | Debt Free Digest March 2019

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Did you know that scammers will mention a small piece of personal information in order to look credible? This is one of the many tricks fraudsters use to gain your trust so you reveal even more sensitive information about yourself. March is Fraud Prevention Month and we’re sharing some tips from across the web to help you spot the scammers. Share these tips with your family and friends!


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Online dating is increasing in popularity and sadly, so are romance scams. When your emotions are involved, it’s much harder to realize you’re the victim of an elaborate scheme to have your money taken. In this post, learn the top warning signs of a romantic scam artist. 

Guard Your Heart and Your Wallet


Having your credit card stolen can be costly and a headache to resolve. To avoid having any credit card problems in the first place, Gregory Karp from NerdWallet shares detailed advice on how to spot phishing and skimming attempts as well as what you need to do if you discover fraud.

Protect Your Credit Card From Fraud


The best way to avoid becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft is to be safe online. John Rampton at Due shares the risks of using public Wi-Fi and 12 reasons for why you should never enter personal data on a public internet connection.

Browse the Internet Safely

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