The Financial Impact of Illness

Posted in Debt Help

financial-impact-of-illnessThere are many reasons that so many Canadians find themselves unable to manage their debt. I see many clients who have fallen behind in their payments to creditors because of illness. As long as we are working, and able to meet our financial obligations, life continues on. So often, however, we are faced with a crisis that suddenly, and often without warning, changes our lives in a very dramatic way.

Dealing with illness is one such crisis. We can be well one day, only to wake up to a debilitating illness the next. In my former career on the front lines of the healthcare system, I was part of a team that assisted people back to the path of physical wellness.

Now, as a member of the Hoyes Michalos & Associates team, I see another side to illness; the side that deprives people who are ill of their ability to manage financially. The combination of financial and physical stress is compounded by the emotional stress that accompanies illness.

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