Get Help With Your Food Budget | Debt Free Digest July 2019

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Groceries are expensive. It’s no wonder they make up the second biggest expense for most families. With the rising cost of food, is it possible to meet your family’s nutritional needs and avoid breaking the bank? In this month’s digest, we’re bringing you some experts to show you how to grocery shop efficiently by buying versatile ingredients, reduce food waste, and learn about common shopping myths so you can save money. 

Good Reads From Around the Web


When it comes to your monthly grocery spend, there’s so much you need to balance: preference, income, seasons, life situations, and more. As it can be a daunting task, Michaela Cisney at Kitchn shares her top 10 tips  for how to budget for food with your needs in mind.

Create (And Stick To) Your Grocery Budget


A not-so-obvious way we overspend on groceries is by food waste. You may not realize how much money you’re throwing out each month because of improper food storage. Jillian Kubala of Healthline shares 20 tips to reduce how much food you throw out to keep more of what you buy for longer. 

Ways to Reduce Your Food Waste


Should you buy all your groceries in bulk? Are organic foods actually healthier? The answers may surprise you. Brooke Nelson of Reader’s Digest dispels 15 supermarket myths to help you learn how to grocery shop intelligently so you can avoid overspending.

Common Grocery Shopping Myths Busted

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