Overcome the Fear of Missing Out | Debt Free Digest October 2018

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Welcome to our Hoyes Michalos Debt Free Digest where we round up personal finance topics from around the web to help you live, and remain, debt free.

With social media often showcasing only the best side of a person’s life, it’s no wonder we’re pressured to ‘keep up.’ In this month’s digest, we show you ways to tackle this fear of missing out and find balance.

Good Reads From Around the Web


Free yourself from the grip of societal pressure to spend and look for ways to enhance the quality of your overall well-being. Linda and Charlie Bloom of Psychology Today share tips for how to be willing to not have it all.

10 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Missing Out


Just because you qualify for a large loan, doesn’t mean you should buy too much house. Holly Johnson at The Simple Dollar explains why it’s important to actually buy a house for less than you can afford to lead a comfortable life.

Buy a Home Within Your Budget


We’re constantly told which milestone should be achieved by a certain age. This can be burdensome. Kiri Nowak at Learning People offers a different view: set your own goals because it’s OK to lead a different life.

Don’t Stress Over Generic Milestones

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