The most effective, professional, kind and understanding person

Cathy/Tim O. (not their real names), married, 47/52 years old, $54,900 in debt, North York, Ontario

I wanted to take a moment and tell you about Janette Martin who works in the North York consumer proposal office. She has simply been the most effective, professional, kind and understanding person I have EVER worked with in any professional capacity.

She responded to every email, every question, every call I made over the past 4 years. She has been informative and followed through on every request I have made. She is beyond competent. Not only is her professional knowledge above and beyond my expectations, she is a wonderful human being.

Her calm approach, her kindness and her effective and efficient communications really made a difference while we struggled through probably one of the hardest times in our lives. I want to call her my ‘friend’ because she knows more about me than most of friends do and she kept me laughing when I should have been crying.

Your industry is not an easy one in that everyone has ‘their’ story but with people like Janette (well, there probably aren’t many like her), she made us feel like we were all that mattered to her and our success was her success.

We completed paying off our consumer proposal a year early and she was as happy as we were! I see how successful your company has become and after operating my own business these last few years, if I had Janette as one of my employees, not only would I pay her what she’s worth and then some, I would open a new franchise and have Janette operate it and/or own it.

Truly, Janette outperformed all my expectations and I have already referred her to a client of mine. I’m sure you hear lots of complaints from unhappy people – I hope hearing how wonderful Janette has been to us will not only inspire you to reward her, but that you two will take satisfaction that one of your trusted employees has gone above and beyond the service your company provides.

Feel free to call or email – I could talk about Janette forever!

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