There Are Lots of Trustees. Why Choose Hoyes Michalos?

Choosing a Licensed Insolvency Trustee is a very personal decision. While all trustees are licensed to provide bankruptcy and consumer proposal services and as such must follow the same rules, you need to know your trustee is someone you can work with – before, during and after you sign up. So what makes Hoyes Michalos different? Why should you trust us to be your Licensed Insolvency Trustee?

At Hoyes Michalos we provide personalized, experienced, caring debt management advice that will help you build a stronger financial future. Here is what we promise:

  1. You’ll meet with a licensed professional, not a sales person or administrator. We want your bankruptcy to be as straight forward as possible, so before you sign your paperwork you will meet with a licensed trustee with many years of experience (not just a sales clerk).  We will take as much time as you want to answer all of your questions.  Some other trustee firms have a “sales team” whose job is to get you to sign as quickly as possible, and only at the very end do you meet with a trustee.  That’s not how we do it.  Most of our clients spend at least 45 minutes one-on-one with a licensed trustee, so you have an expert helping you make your decision.
  2. Each of our offices is managed by a dedicated, local trustee. Not only do you meet with a licensed trustee, you meet with someone vested in your community. Our trustees don’t travel far across Ontario to meet with someone and then leave. You always know who the trustee is in every one of our offices. That means if you ever have a question during your bankruptcy, you know you will be speaking with your trustee, the person you met and signed up with.
  3. In addition to your trustee, you have access to our entire team.  Some trustees assign you to an “estate administrator”, and that person is your only point of contact.  If they happen to be on vacation or off work today, you don’t have to wait until they return.  At Hoyes Michalos we have over 50 people available to help you, so when you call during normal office hours you get to talk to a live person who has full access to your file, and can answer your questions.  We even give you the direct extensions for our payments, statements and tax department so you can bypass our live receptionist and go directly to the person who can help you immediately.
  4. You can contact us in a way convenient for you. Can’t talk on the phone while you are at work?  No problem.  Unlike other trustees that only give you a phone number to call, we also give you the email addresses of our various departments, so you can email our staff and get immediate answers. Want to phone? No problem, you will always reach a live person (we do not have an automated reception except when closed) and you will be given direct extensions and emails for all important members of our team.
  5. You always have easy access to your trustee. Of course you always have your trustee’s personal email address and phone number so you can contact your trustee if you have any questions or issues.
  6. We offer a convenient, pre-authorized payment system. Most trustee firms require you to pay by post-dated cheque.  At Hoyes Michalos, we won’t make you write out a lot of post-dated cheques; we handle all payments electronically.
  7. In addition, we offer flexible payment dates. We aren’t the only trustee that processes pre-authorized payments, but many other trustees operate like your hydro company: they tell you that your payment will be due on a set date each month.  We don’t do it that way.  We allow you to pick your payment date and frequency, and that’s the date your payment will be taken.  If you get paid weekly on a Thursday, no problem; we will divide your monthly payment into weekly amounts and take your payment directly from your bank account every Thursday.  No more worries.
  8. You benefit from our exclusive fresh start post-bankruptcy program. All trustees can help you eliminate debt, but we take it one step further: we want to give you a fresh start.  Like all trustees we offer credit counselling while you are bankrupt, but it doesn’t end there: once your bankruptcy or consumer proposal is finished we offer, for free, our Fresh Start program, which includes access to our exclusive after-bankruptcy support website with free information on how to get your credit report, how to correct errors on your credit report, and how to re-build your credit.

But don’t just take our word for it. Read our client testimonials from people who have put their faith in us to help them deal with their debt. At Hoyes Michalos we get phone calls every day from people who have been referred by satisfied clients.

Deciding to file bankruptcy or a consumer proposal is a difficult decision. Choosing the right trustee to help you with the process can make that decision a whole lot easier. Let us help you begin the process.

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