Thinking Critically About Your Money | Debt Free Digest May 2018

Welcome to our Hoyes Michalos Debt Free Digest where we round up personal finance topics from around the web to help you live, and remain, debt free.

In May, we’re focusing on critical thinking about your money decisions, and how you can question what’s being presented to you.

Good Reads From Around the Web


Why do we buy more than we need? How can we re-evaluate our spending habits? Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist looks at 9 ways we can take an intentional approach to unintentional spending.

Challenge Consumerism in Your Life


If you attend an expo with celebrity speakers, will you become a millionaire? Kerry K. Taylor investigated the 2018 Real Estate Bitcoin Wealth Expo to find out just how educational this event really is.

The Real Estate Bitcoin Wealth Expo


Gail Vaz-Oxlade explains that “anchoring” is our tendency to depend on the first piece of information we receive when making a spending decision. She shares 4 ways we can avoid our inner anchors to make better choices.

How Anchoring Affects Your Spending

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