What Drives Your Money Behaviour? | Debt Free Digest May 2019

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Welcome to our Hoyes Michalos Debt Free Digest where we round up personal finance topics from around the web to help you live, and remain, debt free.

What moves you to make certain money decisions? Needs, habits, fashion, susceptibility, bias, knowledge – all these traits influence how you deal with money. In this month’s digest, we’re helping you learn about your ‘money mindset’ and how to tap into the positive and reject the negative.

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There are 5 major money personality types that closely match our own tendencies: Hoarder, Spender, Money Monk, Avoider, or Amasser. Each type has good qualities and shortcomings. Find out yours with this free 20 question quiz from Moneyharmony.

Take The Money Personality Quiz


Mindy Crary says that nothing has the power to mess up finances more than your own brain – or, more precisely, your ego. In this detailed post, she explains how to make money decisions based on your own choices versus choices made by your ego.

4 Ways To Tame Your Ego


When we get money advice from people we trust, we seldom check whether the advice is actually valid. So what ends up happening is we base our financial decisions around nothing more than a myth. In this post by SmartAsset, find common ideas around money be put to the test.

10 Personal Finance Myths Busted

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