What’s Stopping You From Getting Out of Debt?

Think about this one for a minute… Everyone has their reasons for being in debt, but what are your reasons for not getting out of debt?

One of the most common statements people make to me after they have started their plan to become debt free is “I wish I had done this sooner.”  The satisfaction of having taken action is something we all can appreciate, but it takes on even more meaning for people where money and debts were the original problem.

When I ask them what was stopping them from contacting us to get out of debt earlier, the responses I receive are:

  • I was embarrassed to call
  • I didn’t know what help was available or who I could talk to
  • I believed (or hoped) that one day it would get better
  • The banks and credit cards kept increasing their limits or giving me new loans so I was ‘managing’
  • Something just kept coming up or life was too busy and I kept postponing the call
  • I thought being in debt with overextended credit was normal
  • I didn’t know how bad my situation was until it became critical
  • I kept hoping for a change and even a windfall
  • I just procrastinated

Let’s agree, these are all valid points.  Personal finances are something we are not all experts at and there never seems to be enough money to go around.  I like to say that we cannot change our past; all we can do is try to shape our future.  In order to do that sometimes we need to deal with past obstacles that caused the procrastination, get guidance from others through research and talking with professionals, and then make the required adjustments and changes to our situation to change our future.

Reading this website is one of the ways people can overcome personal and financial obstacles. You can gain an understanding of your options and realize no matter how severe your situation may be you can find a solution.

Why not start your journey to getting out of debt now, rather than later. Give us just 30 minutes of your time, talk to us about your situation so that we can provide professional advice on what you can do to get out of debt.

Send us an e-mail or call us at 1-866-747-0660.  We understand the stress of talking about it, but the stress will go away after you take that first step.

Make this the moment that you started to deal with your debts so that you don’t end up like my example above and wish you had called sooner.

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