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At Hoyes, Michalos & Associates we believe anyone can overcome their financial challenges with the right tools, advice and effort. We have assembled some useful material in our download centre to help our clients and website visitors to rise to the challenge.

Our free e-books and guides are available in PDF format. If you are unable to read these files you will need to download Adobe Reader.

Fresh Start Application

To download your free bankruptcy and consumer proposal form, please follow the instructions below.

Click here to download our application for a Fresh Start in Ontario.

Once you have completed this application please call one of our bankruptcy offices in Ontario to book an appointment with one of our associates.

Fresh Start Ebook

We are pleased to offer you a concise guide to living debt free. Read more about your debt relief options in Ontario by clicking on the link below and downloading your free Fresh Start e-book.

Click here to download our Fresh Start e-book

More Free Resources

As part of our commitment to help you rebuild your finances and live debt free we have created other helpful tools and resources which you can download for free as part of our Debt Free in 30 Newsletter program.

Budget Planning Workbook

Budgeting is an important part of development a workable debt repayment plan.

Click here to download our comprehensive budget planning workbook.

Credit Repair 101 Ebook

Learn everything you need to know about credit repair.

Click here to download our Credit Rebuilding 101 E-book.

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