How to Stop Creditor Calls

You’ve filed a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, and you are still getting calls from creditors and collection agents. Why?

If the creditor calling was listed on your paperwork, Hoyes Michalos notified them of your filing. Banks are not very efficient, so it may take a month or more before they update their system and stop calling you.

If the creditor was not listed on your original paperwork (such as when we list the creditor but now it’s a collection agency calling you), it’s understandable that they don’t know that you have filed with Hoyes Michalos.

What Should I Do to Stop the Phone Calls and Letters?

In either case, here’s what you should do:

When they call:

  • tell them that you have filed a bankruptcy or consumer proposal with Hoyes Michalos;
  • give them your “Estate Number”, which is the file number that looks something like this: 35-1234567;it will be on the Certificate of Appointment you received on the day you signed your paperwork;
  • give them our office phone number: 1-800-472-7775

In most cases, once they have your file number, they know they can’t collect from you, so that’s it. The calls stop.

However, if you continue to get phone calls, get the following information from the collector:

  • their company name (which may be a collection agency)
  • the creditor they are collecting for (the original bank or credit card company)
  • your file number or account number that they have assigned to you in their system
  • their phone number
  • their fax number
  • their personal name

Then, call our office at 1-800-472-7775 or email us the information with your name to and we will contact them directly.

If you receive letters from them, you can scan and email them to, or fax them to us at 1-888-553-5519, or drop them off at your local Hoyes Michalos office.

We will act quickly to notify your creditors and stop all collection calls. We are here to help.