Bankruptcy Examination

A creditor, or the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB), or the trustee may request an examination under oath of a bankrupt.

In some cases an examination is requested if there are unusual transactions, such as complicated business issues or large debts.

In other cases the examination is completely random. The OSB routinely selects a random sample of bankrupts from all trustee firms and examines them to confirm that all proper procedures were followed.

If you are selected for an examination, you are required to attend. If you don’t attend, it is likely that the OSB will oppose your discharge from bankruptcy, and you would be required to attend a court hearing to receive your discharge.

If your are unable to attend the examination at the time and date set by the OSB, Hoyes Michalos does not have the authority to reschedule the examination, as the time and date is set by the OSB. However, you may contact the OSB directly and ask them to reschedule the examination to a different date. It will be up to the OSB whether or not they agree to your request.

The examination will be conducted by the OSB. A copy of the examination questionnaire can be found here.

Please call your trustee at 1-800-472-7775 to discuss what preparation, if any, is required for your examination.