Are You Drowning in Debt: Video

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When you are struggling with debt it’s good to know if you are just going for a swim, treading water or drowning in debt. This video talks about the symptoms and solutions no matter how serious your financial situation.

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TRANSCRIPT Are you drowning in debt? How much debt do you really have? Is your debt putting you at risk?

Stage 1: Going for a Swim.


  • Have some unsecured debt.
  • Carry a small balance on your credit card.
  • Have a large car loan.
  • Use credit to pay bills occasionally, without paying it down immediately.

Why Are You in Debt?

  • You’ve overspent here & there.
  • You’ve had to pay for an unexpected car repair.
  • You paid for a vacation on credit.

The Solution:

  • Create a household budget to get yourself on track. Take a look at your spending habits, and you’ll be able to swim out of your debt before it gets too deep.

Getting Out of Rough Waters:

  • You’ll pay off your debt in full, and improve your spending habits going forward.

Stage 2 Treading Water.


  • Have high interest debt, which makes it hard to pay down the balance.
  • Only make partial payments towards your debts each month.
  • Spend most of your income on debt repayments.

Why Are You in Debt?

  • You live beyond your means, and use credit to make up the difference.

The Solution:

  • If you have good credit, consider a debt consolidation loan. If you have poor or no credit, a debt management plan may be better suited to your situation.

Need a Life Jacket?

  • With help from a loan or a debt expert, you’ll get relief from your interest, so you can pay off your debts in full, but in a shorter period of time.

Stage 3: Drowning in Debt


  • Have more debt that you can repay.
  • Have maxed out your credit cards.
  • Use high-interest forms of credit like payday loans.

Why Are You in Debt?

  • You use credit continuously.
  • You rely on credit to make ends meet.
  • You use multiple credit cards.

The Solution:

  • A consumer proposal is a good solution if you have larger assets and a good income. Bankruptcy is another alternative you can consider as a last resort.

Need the Coast Guard?

  • Turn to a Trustee in Bankruptcy or Consumer proposal Administrator for help. He or she will work with you to find debt relief, get protection from your creditors, and get a financial fresh start.

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