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Friendly & Proffesional Local Trustee

Friendly & Professional

Friendly Local Trustee

99% Success Rate Consumer Proposal Acceptance

99% Success Rate

Consumer Proposal Acceptance

Zero Upfront Fee Debt relief with No Pressure

Zero Upfront Fee

Debt relief with No Pressure

Licensed & Certified Trustee not a sales person

Licensed & Certified

Trustee not a sales person

Hoyes Michalos has helped over 60,000 Ontario residents get out of debt since 1999

Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc. was founded in 1999 by Licensed Insolvency Trustees Douglas Hoyes and Ted Michalos to provide personalized service to help you gain a fresh financial start. In any of our Ontario locations you always meet with a licensed professional, never a clerk or a salesperson. We guarantee professional, respectful, expert advice that meets your needs. Give us 30 minutes. We’ll give you a plan to be debt free.

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No matter the financial difficulties you’re facing, Hoyes Michalos’ friendly trustees will help you get back on track

Consumer Proposals

Consumer Proposal

Immediate relief! And up to 85% cheaper than repaying your debts on your own

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Personal Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy

Stop the collection calls and wage garnishment. Get a fresh financial start.

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Debt Management Solutions

Debt Relief Solutions

Our Licensed professionals can help you find the best ways to eliminate your debt.

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Wage Garnishments

Tax Debt

Student Loans

Credit Card Debt

Collection Calls

Debt Consolidations

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Our Licensed Professionals will help you explore your debt relief options.

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20 years of Industry Experience

Hoyes, Michalos & Associates Inc. was founded in 1999 and since then we have helped over 60,000 Ontario residents get out of debt.

99% Consumer Proposal acceptance rate

We provide a solution that works for you financially and will be accepted by the creditors. That is why 99% of consumer proposals filed with us are accepted.

Debt relief in 30 minutes with no upfront fees or pressure

We provide you with a plan to eliminate your debt. It all starts with a free 30 minute, no-obligation consultation.

Licensed Insolvency Trustee

We are accredited by the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy to provide government debt relief programs for Canadians including personal bankruptcy and consumer proposal services.

Convenient offices staffed with friendly local trustees

Our team of accredited trustees and credit counsellors provide caring, confidential friendly advice to help you get out of debt and get your life back.

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  • John RabideauJohn Rabideau

    I had researched about 8 different firms before choosing Hoyes-Michalos & Associates and found them to be among the most honest ... Their level of expertise, professionalism and guidance was , in my mind, of the highest standards of excellence. I hold them in the highest of regards and most worthy of my highest recommendations...
    I went in with their recommendations to declare bankruptcy which was against my first choice of a consumer proposal... Everything has worked out unusually well for me. Today I am debt free and a far better and aware manager of my financial resources...and I have healed myself from the trauma of catastrophic losses on 911.

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    If you are in a financial crisis get help now! Don't wait and hope it will all go away. Debt has been robbing me of my quality of life for too long and my only regret is not coming in sooner. I entered carrying the weight of my shame and defeat and left with the first shred of relief I have experienced in years! From the very first email correspondence to the actual first meeting the experience was nothing but positive! I have a lot of social anxiety and was terribly nervous but the second Ian started speaking I felt calm and determined that together we would come up with a plan that suited my situation and my means. He was thorough, spoke in terms I understood and made sure everything was making sense to me. He is the type of person that you instantly trust because it is so evident that all he cares about is you and your well-being. I was prepared for tears but instead of tears there was laughter. There was positivity and clarity and hope, all things I thought I'd never feel again under the shadow of this debt. There was zero judgement and I never felt that any of his questions were intrusive or made me uncomfortable. Just knowing that I have his guidance and that there is a clear plan to recover from this setback means more than anything right now. He followed up in an email almost immediately after our meeting to let me know that I can ask questions at any time and turned this money-trouble mountain into a money hill. I urge you to not let your pride or shame delay you from seeking help immediately! It's going to take some time and commitment on my part to get there but one meeting was all it took to make me optimistic about the next steps and my financial future.

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  • Peter KayPeter Kay

    Very helpful and informative.

    They were able to direct me to the best solution in a minimum of time.

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  • Paula VanVeenPaula VanVeen

    I worked with Diane in preparation for filing a consumer proposal. While I ultimately did not require the services of Hoyes, Michalos and Associates, I would highly recommend them to anyone considering a consumer proposal or bankruptcy. Diane was thoughtful and kind, and treated me with the utmost respect in listening to my situation and walking me through my questions. This company is very obviously committed to serving their clients and making what can be a difficult and emotional process easier to get through.
    Thank you so much, Diane and the Hoyes team!

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  • AmyAmy

    Ian was awesome! He was so professional and not judgemental. He made everything extremely clear, and laid out all my options! I was so nervous going into this and he really put me at ease. Couldn't recommend a better place!

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Our licensed professionals will help you explore your debt relief options.
Arrange a free consultation in any of our locations across Ontario today.

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