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We're sharing these reviews - unedited - to give you honest feedback directly from Hoyes Michalos clients. Our clients are the most qualified to tell you about their experience with our Licensed Insolvency Trustees and our caring team. We are dedicated to listening to our clients so we can provide the best service possible. We appreciate our clients taking the time to share their feedback. We hope you find their views helpful and informative and look forward to working with you.

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4.9 Stars - Based on 208 User Reviews
Amanda C. Avatar

positive review  I was terrified about how much debt I’m in and that I was going to be taken to court and... Read More

Amanda C. 7/06/2019
Chris R. Avatar

There is definitely nothing negative to say about Hoyes, Michalos & Associates in my experiences with them. The staff are... Read More

Chris R. 9/26/2018
Josephine D. Avatar

Professionalism and excellent service with you in mind, my hats off to the staff, thank you for everything you folks... Read More

Josephine D. 10/21/2019
Jonathon R. Avatar

I was feeling trapped in my own dept, and looking for a solution. Hoyes, Michalos & Associates made the change... Read More

Jonathon R. 9/09/2019
Krystyna G. Avatar

I met with Allison. She was absolutely wonderful. She made me feel very comfortable during the whole process and not... Read More

Krystyna G. 8/28/2018
Portia S. Avatar

I am so happy I found Hoyes, Michalos & Associates! I only wish I would have came to them sooner.... Read More

Portia S. 9/18/2019
Jan O. Avatar

They made the process fast, seamless and stress-free. Highly recommend.

Jan O. 10/12/2019
Neem R. Avatar

positive review  Hello every one.I saw comments from people who already got their loans from pure heart loans and then I decided... Read More

Neem R. 5/05/2019
Gordon N. Avatar

Professional, helpful and excellent service to receive the help that I needed.

Gordon N. 9/12/2018
Magdalena P. Avatar

I was drowning in debt, living paycheck to paycheck, sometimes barely scrounging to get by. A friend recommended Hoyes, Michalos... Read More

Magdalena P. 1/26/2019
Amanda Z. Avatar

Would be nice to get a call back when you leave your advisor a voicemail!

Amanda Z. 6/18/2019
Mo E. Avatar

positive review  Helped me Greatly! Thanks Guys.

Mo E. 7/23/2019
Marianne W. Avatar

Hoyes and Michalos and Associates have been wonderful to work with. The listen to my concerns and together we worked... Read More

Marianne W. 9/03/2019
Momma C. Avatar

It's hard for me to say I need help. Pride? Idk, but this firm was very helpful with advice and... Read More

Momma C. 10/30/2019
Kezaabu A. Avatar

Words cannot express my appreciation to Hoyes Michalos & Association. I was going through difficult time financially and was... Read More

Kezaabu A. 2/16/2019
Joel T. Avatar

They made me believe that second chance is possible and within reach. Brian, Courtney and Nicholas are great guys to... Read More

Joel T. 11/24/2018
Svetlana L. Avatar

Life happens, and going through financial struggles can be nerveracking. Benny and Janette went above and beyond to provide me... Read More

Svetlana L. 2/26/2019
Mohammad K. Avatar

Incredible people, the process was seamless and comforting. I’m seriously happy my proposal was done through them and would definitely... Read More

Mohammad K. 5/13/2019
David M. Avatar

We had a great consultation with Ianina! She gave us hope, gave us a solution, walked us through the next... Read More

David M. 11/09/2019
Sue H. Avatar

positive review  Clear, concise advise.
Professional, no judgment and great resource. :)

Sue H. 7/30/2019


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