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How a Consumer Proposal in Canada Affects Secured Debt

Dealing with financial challenges often involves navigating through a web of debts, each with its own rules and consequences. Secured and unsecured debts pose different considerations, and understanding how a consumer proposal affects secured debt is crucial for anyone contemplating this debt relief option.

How Does a Consumer Proposal Work

Consumer proposals in Canada are a debt relief solution for individuals drowning in debt, offering a structured plan for financial recovery. In this article, we'll explore how a consumer proposal works, explaining eligibility criteria, the filing process, legal protection, creditor considerations, and the pros and cons of this debt management strategy.

2023 Debt Statistics and What It Means for Consumer Insolvencies

The past year has seen a steady erosion in financial stability for Canadian debtors. The result is that consumer insolvencies are rising rapidly. In my year-end post, I will outline what is behind the average Canadian debtor's re-accumulation of consumer credit and how that will impact consumer insolvency levels in the coming year.

What Are Credit Bureaus in Canada & How Do They Work?

You're probably familiar with Canada's credit bureaus already. After all, they provide you with your credit report. But how do credit bureaus collect your information and what more should you know about credit reporting agencies? Scott Schaefer explains in this post.