Consumer Proposals

Consumer proposals are the #1 alternative to bankruptcy. They are also the only government approved debt relief program in Canada. Learn more about consumer proposals in Ontario, what they are, what creditors are looking for during negotiations, and how a consumer proposal can eliminate your debt.

How a Consumer Proposal in Canada Affects Secured Debt

Dealing with financial challenges often involves navigating through a web of debts, each with its own rules and consequences. Secured and unsecured debts pose different considerations, and understanding how a consumer proposal affects secured debt is crucial for anyone contemplating this debt relief option.

How Does a Consumer Proposal Work

Consumer proposals in Canada are a debt relief solution for individuals drowning in debt, offering a structured plan for financial recovery. In this article, we'll explore how a consumer proposal works, explaining eligibility criteria, the filing process, legal protection, creditor considerations, and the pros and cons of this debt management strategy.

Can You Cancel a Consumer Proposal?

A consumer proposal is a debt settlement plan. But what if you change your mind after filing? How do you withdraw a proposal and what does a cancelled proposal mean for your debts and credit report? Maureen Parent explains in this post.

Consumer Proposal Laws in Canada

You may already know that a consumer proposal can help you eliminate debt. In this post we explain the top laws and rules that come with a proposal filing so you have a better understanding of the process.

Does a Consumer Proposal Affect My Spouse?

You may be considering a consumer proposal and wondering if it will impact your spouse. To help you get a better understanding, we explain how joint debts work, how your marital assets may be affected and how your spouse may be involved in the process. Learn more.

Do Banks Accept Consumer Proposals?

Your bank may be your biggest creditor in a consumer proposal. In this post, Doug Hoyes discusses what banks look for when reviewing proposals and Hoyes Michalos' process for ensuring consumer proposals are accepted by creditors.

Who Can File a Consumer Proposal?

There are both legal and practical requirements an individual must meet to be eligible to file a consumer proposal. If you are struggling with debt repayment, find out if you should explore a consumer proposal further.