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Our knowledgeable team of Licensed Insolvency Trustees provide information and expert advice to help you on your way to becoming debt free. Our blog includes podcasts, videos, articles, case studies and Industry Insights about consumer proposals and bankruptcy in Ontario as well as personal finance, credit rebuilding and other money management tips for anyone looking to get out of, or stay out of, debt.

Can You Cancel a Consumer Proposal?

A consumer proposal is a debt settlement plan. But what if you change your mind after filing? How do you withdraw a proposal and what does a cancelled proposal mean for your debts and credit report? Maureen Parent explains in this post.

Consumer Proposal Laws in Canada

You may already know that a consumer proposal can help you eliminate debt. In this post we explain the top laws and rules that come with a proposal filing so you have a better understanding of the process.

Can Your Bank Help You with Your Debt?

One option for dealing with your debt is to talk to your bank first. In this post, we outline the ways in which your bank may help you get out of debt, tips for how to approach them when asking for help, and what you can do if your bank refuses to provide debt relief.