Credit Repair

You don’t need to pay a credit repair company or service to fix your credit report or rebuild bad credit. It is possible to repair your credit score on your own, even if you file a bankruptcy or consumer proposal.

You can begin the process of rebuilding bad credit with the steps and tips provided by our experts. We provide information on how to get a free copy of your credit report, how to fix mistakes on your report that can negatively impact your score, and how to manage the factors that affect your credit rating.

Changing a bad credit history starts with debt management. If your bad credit is due to carrying high-interest debts like credit card debt or payday loans, we also explain why a bankruptcy or proposal can be the first step to rebuilding credit. After all, a good credit score does not mean you don’t have a credit problem.

Want to learn more about credit repair? Read our blog posts or take it offline with our free Credit Rebuilding Ebook.

For more information about credit reports and credit repair download our free Credit Rebuilding 101 ebook.