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GEM Debt Law Contract Review

This is yet another case of an individual struggling with debt, told to pay exorbitant fees to a debt settlement firm to deal with their debts. This time, the company was GEM Debt Law. We review the terms of the contract and explain why these debt consultants should be avoided.

York Credit Services Contract Review

Struggling with debt? Go directly to a Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Unlicensed debt consultants like York Credit Services will charge you extra fees just for a referral to an LIT. Here's a real story of someone who was scammed into paying an extra $800 for nothing.

Who’s Filing Bankruptcy in Their 30s and Why?

Ideally, by age 30, you hope to have financial security and the ability to build wealth. But it's hard when you have student loans and other debts consuming your monthly income. Learn how an insolvency filing can give you a financial do-over so you can start reaching personal milestones sooner.