Leading a Frugal Lifestyle | Debt Free Digest July 2018

Welcome to our Hoyes Michalos Debt Free Digest where we round up personal finance topics from around the web to help you live, and remain, debt free.

In July, we’re sharing the benefits of leading a frugal lifestyle with tips on how to cut food, living, and travel expenses.

Good Reads From Around the Web


Leo Babauta at Zen Habits believes it’s OK to be a cheapskate. In fact, he believes a frugal lifestyle gives you more options. To save money you can use for other financial goals, here’s 50 tips to frugal living to get you started.

50 Tips to Frugal Living


While you want to maintain a frugal lifestyle, your social circle may not be quite as understanding. Sarah Li Cain at Frugal Rules realizes that friends and family can cost you money, so she shares 4 ways to avoid expensive social outings.

Spend Less Money Without Feeling Guilty


Trip planning can be exciting, but also costly. To help you enjoy your vacation without breaking the bank, Money We Have’s Barry Choi put together 7 tips you can use to explore a new city on a budget.

Learn How to Travel Affordably

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