What happens at my first meeting with Hoyes Michalos?

Many people I meet with for the first time make the same comment: “I was afraid to make the first call, and I’m really nervous about this meeting.”  I don’t think people are afraid of me; I’m a nice guy.  People are afraid of the unknown.  If you have never had debt problems before, meeting with a bankruptcy firm can be intimidating.

So what happens at that first meeting?  Will we scold you, and tell you not to spend so much?

No, we are not here to judge you.  We are here to explain your options.  Here’s a short video of me explaining what happens at our first meeting (and the video is also a good overview of the bankruptcy process, and why a consumer proposal may be a better option than a bankruptcy).

Our commercials say “Debt Free in 30”, and that’s what we mean: give us 30 minutes to review your situation and explain your options, and then you can decide what options are best for you.

I mentioned it in the video, and I’ll emphasize the point again: when you meet with us, you will be meeting with a professional, not a “salesman” or a “clerk”.  We have 14 trustees in our firm, so in most cases your first meeting will be with a trustee, but even if you meet with one of our other professionals you will be meeting with an experienced professional: on average our team has over five years experience with Hoyes Michalos.

Is it really possible to explain your options in 30 minutes? Yes, it is (although if you want us to spend more time with you, that’s fine too).  Bring a list of your debts, a recent paystub, a list of what it costs you to live each month, and details on any assets you own and we can assess your unique situation, and explain all of your options.

That’s why we say Debt Free in 30.  It works, so let’s get started.

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