Debt Free in 30 – It’s That Simple

Does Debt Free in 30 sound too good to be true? – it’s not. If you can give our professionals 30 minutes of your time to review your financial situation, we will help you develop a plan to become debt free.

The process involves taking stock of where you are at – how much debt do you have and what is it for? For example, do you carry credit card balances every month? Do you owe the government for back taxes? Have you got personal loans and lines of credit that seem to have grown out of control?

Once we know how much you owe we’ll look at how much it costs you to live. What is your mortgage or rent payment, utilities, car payments, insurance, fuel, food, etc. – we’ll look to see just how much money you need to have coming in to cover the basics.

Next we compare how much you need to spend to live with how much money comes in each month – your income. The difference between how much you earn and how much you spend to live is what you have left over to pay towards your debt. The amount you can afford to pay towards your debt will determine what your debt reduction plan will look like. It really is that simple.

And there’s an added bonus – once you complete the plan to become debt free, you may continue to set aside the payment (or a portion of the payment) as part of a savings plan. In that way, when you need money in the future you won’t have to rely on credit. You can stay debt free.

So how do we get paid? 4 out of 5 people that contact our offices don’t require our services after the first meeting (which is always free, by the way). The fifth person either needs to file a consumer proposal or personal bankruptcy. Both of these solutions require a licensed trustee in bankruptcy, which is what we are, and our fees are set by the government, and come out of your monthly payments.

The other four people are referred to a credit counselling agency, or perhaps their bank or another lender, or maybe they just needed some one to help them sort out the numbers and they can deal with their situation themselves.

The hardest part of this entire process is taking the first step – call one of our offices or send us an e-mail and ask for help. We can chat on the phone or by e-mail and when you’re ready, we’ll book you a free consultation to sit down with one of our professionals to review your situation in detail.

If you can give us 30 minutes of your time, we will help you develop a plan to become debt free.

Debt free in 30 – it’s that simple.

Debt Free in 30

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Debt Free in 30

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