Beware Fake Canada Revenue Agency Calls

Canadians are receiving threatening and fraudulent phone calls from individuals claiming they work for the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). They are being told they must act fast to deal with an outstanding tax debt owed to CRA and if they do not pay something right away their assets will be seized or they may go to jail. To facilitate making a payment, the caller will request credit card information. The immediate damage is the charge to be paid on the credit card, but there is also a high risk of identity theft.

We’ve even been notified that existing clients have received some of these inquiries. Scared and not sure what to do, luckily, many of these clients have contacted our office and we were able to assure them that these calls are scams.

How To Identify Fraudulent Calls

Canada Revenue Agency has a webpage telling consumers to be aware of these fraudulent calls. Their advice:

If you get such a call, hang up and report it to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

CRA has even gone so far as to post a sample phone call so you can more easily recognize these types of phone scams and avoid being trapped by their threats and false information.

Here are some additional tips on how to handle these calls from Ellen Roseman at The Star.

According to the CRA, they never ask for prepaid credit cards, they do not ask for personal information such as your passport, health card or driver’s licence and they never leave a phone message containing personal information. These are all signs that the call is a scam.

If you are scared because you do owe money for back taxes you can contact the CRA directly to discuss a repayment arrangement or talk to a bankruptcy trustee. Tax arrears can be dealt with by filing bankruptcy or a consumer proposal if you cannot work out a payment plan with CRA.

If you have already filed a bankruptcy or consumer proposal with Hoyes Michalos and are concerned about any call regarding old debts included in your bankruptcy or proposal, including tax debts, please contact our office. Our team is happy to help you understand how your tax debts will be treated as part of your insolvency filing.

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